How Did This Latest Controversy Start?

On Saturday, October 13, Jenelle was taken to the hospital. This is not in dispute. The chief of 911 operations for Columbus County, North Carolina has said two police officers responded to a 911 call placed from the home of Evans and her husband David Eason.

What Else Do We Know About This Call?

What Else Do We Know About This Call?

It was placed by a female just before 10 p.m. and was “called in as an assault,” the chief said for the record. An ambulance was also requested but later canceled.

Was Eason Involved?

Was Eason Involved?

No, not according to a rep for Evans, who told People Magazine that the veteran MTV star “had friends over Saturday night and they had a bonfire on her property. Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire.”

Oh… Really?!?

Oh... Really?!?

This story seemed fishy from the beginning. To pretty much everyone.

Nothing to See Here… Except Hotness!

Nothing to See Here... Except Hotness!

Eason shared this photo of Jenelle shortly after the incident, including with it a tawdry caption and making it seem like all was fine between the couple.

But Here’s the Thing:

But Here's the Thing:

Jenelle called 911. The call is on tape. TMZ obtained a copy. And we know what she at least said to the dispatcher.

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