Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee just dropped their incredible collab “Made For Now” and Janet came by TRL to premiere the music video this morning!

As soon as the TRL audience had their first listen, three Janet fans dance-battled it out for a spot at her single release party. I’m totally sold that “Made For Now” is a perfect track to dance to, making the competition that much more intense! See who takes home the crown with Janet below.

TRL host Sway Calloway dove in to get the answers about how “Made For Now” came together, and what led Daddy Yankee to hop on the track. Janet’s passion for diversity in everything she puts out is evident in how she gushes over the track’s different sounds. Like Janet says, “Made For Now” is African, it’s Caribbean, it’s Latin. It’s a bit of global flavor that everyone can shake to!

Janet has made activism and engagement a big part of her State of the World Tour, including in how she opens each concert. Janet spoke to Sway about the need to talk about racism, equality, gun violence and police brutality. Hear more of Janet’s take on the state of the world below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.

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