3/10/2017 12:50 AM PST


A live war broke out between beloved R&B group Jagged Edge and NFL star Nick Fairley — when the Saints star hijacked their concert … and the singers told him to get his “big ass” off the stage.

It went down Feb. 24 at the Grand Marshal’s Ball — a Mardi Gras event in Fairley’s hometown of Mobile, Alabama — where Nick was the Grand Marshal and Jagged Edge was the featured entertainment.

But when JE took the stage, all hell broke loose because the 6’4″, 300-pound defensive lineman refused to get off … and the singers felt he was disrespecting them. 

Security was called in … but Fairley still wouldn’t leave. You can hear people yelling at Fairley to go. At one point, a frustrated Jagged Edge says, “You want the mic? You can have this show my n**ga.”

JE cut the session short and a full scale melee almost erupted when members of Fairley’s family stormed the stage … one yelled into the mic, “F**k Jagged Edge!” 

BTW — Nick JUST re-signed with the Saints for a reported $30 million … so all that rushing seems to be paying off. Just keep it on the field big fella.

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