Things are getting intense on this week’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode, therapists Dr. Ish Major and Dr. Venus Nicolino have the cast members undergo a group exercise in which they each step up to their own piñata one by one to let out some of their deepest frustrations — and Jade (Roper) Tolbert‘s emotional performance takes everyone by surprise.

“Jade, come on up,” instructs Dr. Nicolini. “You’ve got a lot in there … we want to hear it.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum makes her way over and picks up a bat while her husband Tanner Tolbert looks on in silence.

Giving the piñata a sharp first hit, the reality star reveals that she hates that she’s “not enough.”

“The first blow hits,” observes costar Keke Wyatt of R&B Divas: Atlanta. “She is strong!”

“I hate that I’m a disappointment,” continues Jade, gaining strength with each blow. “I hate that I’m a burden to people. I hate that I have too much anxiety.”

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano can hardly believe the scene.

“Jade — she’s usually a lot more reserved and quiet, but she is hitting the s— out of that piñata,” she says.

Jade, meanwhile, only gets more emotional, starting to tear up as she continues to whack at the piñata.

As Dr. Major encourages her to take it down once and for all, Jade gives it a few final blows.

“I hate that I’m disgusting,” she says tearfully. “I hate that I’m always beating myself up and punishing myself.”

The emotional clip isn’t the first time Jade and Tanner, both 29, have gotten candid about their personal struggles on the show. When PEOPLE caught up with Dr. Major ahead of the season premiere, the therapist revealed that while the two are “just sweethearts,” they both have “a really tough backstory.

“Tanner was put in a very difficult position at 14 years old,” said Major. “He had to make some really grown-up decisions and so it really carries over to everything him and Jade do. I think they have the deepest issues, but I just root for them. I like the idea of them together.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on WEtv.

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