might have just given this paparazzo a lesson. The wife of went after a photographer and made him break into a sweat after he scratched her Rolls-Royce while trying to snap her pictures.

In a video obtained by , the “” star was leaving the restaurant E. Baldi in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday, May 10 when she saw the pap who tried to squeeze between her fancy ride and a van. She wouldn’t let it slide away and said, “Let me see if you owe me a check,” while walking to her car.

After doing an inspection, she noticed a scratch in the front part of her car. “Oh, look at that! No, that’s you! You scratched my car!” she told the camera guy, who tried to dodge it. But she wasn’t that upset as she said that she’s going to take of it and it’s “all good.”

She then told the pap that he got “lucky.”

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