The Trump family might not be making too many people happy these days, but they sure are providing the internet with a lot of entertainment.

This time, it’s Ivanka who’s spawning Twitter memes.

In an almost comical ploy for sympathy and brand distance, Ivanka Trump appeared on the cover of Us Weekly with 

The headline, “Ivanka Takes A Stand: Why I Disagree With My Dad,” was a beautifully giftwrapped present that Twitter opened with great alacrity.

Sure, some people just mocked the headline, referring to it as “Daddy, You’re Hurting My Brand!” But others got a little more creative with it.

From reimagined versions of the cover to references to popular culture — particularly when it comes to parent-child conflicts — Twitter had no shortage of fun parodies of Ivanka’s headline.

But first, the original magazine cover.


Nice Try, Ivanka

Nice Try, Ivanka

More like “Why My Brand Needs Distance From My Dad,” right?

Spot The Difference …

Spot The Difference ...

This one’s almost the same, but just a bit more honest.

Star Wars Reference Number One

Star Wars Reference Number One

What’s more quintessentially Star Wars than disagreeing with your dad? And don’t say lightsabers …

If She Doesn’t Get What She Wants …

If She Doesn't Get What She Wants ...

This one might actually be TOO accurate. Ugh.

Nice Game of Thrones Reference

Nice Game of Thrones Reference

Does this one technically qualify as “potty humor?”

Star Wars Reference Number Two

Star Wars Reference Number Two

A second dose of Star Wars dad-disagreements; this time with Carrie Fisher feels.

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