Who guessed that a fun game almost caused IU to drown on “Running Man”. The 24-year-old singer/songwriter/actress recently revealed that she’s scared of water after she fell into water during the filming of the SBS variety series.

In a radio show, the “Palette” hitmaker talked about the terrifying incident. During a game, she fell from a diving board into a deep pool. “I lived my whole life thinking I could swim. But a while ago, I fell into water and I seriously almost died. I felt the fear of falling into water for the first time,” she shared.

IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eeun, continued, “I thought I was going to float. So I held my breath and waved my arms around, thinking I would float… But it didn’t work that way. I just started sinking… I was so scared.”

In a video of the episode, IU can be seen struggling to keep her head above the water while her body stayed stiff underwater. Song Ji Hyo, a regular cast member of the show, looked worried as she was looking in IU’s direction.

IU recently joined at his concert in Taiwan. She appeared onstage on Saturday, October 8 to perform her song “Palette” and his hit “Missing You”. The “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” star previously appeared as a guest during his kick-off stop in Seoul last June.

In return, IU asked the Big Bang member to appear as a guest at her concert in December. He agreed and promised to join her onstage this coming winter.

IU and G-Dragon have been supporting each other following their collaboration for her song “Palette” off her fourth studio album of the same title. The Taiwanese show was G-Dragon’s last stop of his “ACT III MOTTE” world tour.

On the show, the “Crooked” rapper addressed his impending military enlistment. “I have to go somewhere so I can become a man,” he said.

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