Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada can never be friends. Not this season, not next year, not this lifetime. Their beef goes back for real, for real to the time that Evelyn donated some money to Jackie’s grandson and Jackie called Evelyn’s daughter a “build-a-whore.” Now in season seven of Basketball Wives the lines have been drawn and nobody better cross them…especially if you were born onto Team Jackie.

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Somebody did cross over into enemy territory and it was none other than Jackie’s own daughter, Chantel Christie. To be fair, Chantel was trying to keep it cute and ask Evelyn if her and Jackie could be in the same room without World War 3, 4, and 5 breaking out. Evelyn was receptive Chantel’s maturity in trying to play peacemaker all while Jackie was Incredible-Hulk-ing across the Mardi Gras party. According to Jackie, Chantel was betraying her, but from a rational standpoint–it looks like Chantel was just trying to do some damage control.

Jackie ended up storming out with Chantel, so there wasn’t a real resolution but no one got bopped or a drink thrown at them so we’ll take this as a successful interaction.

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