Impact Wrestling’s Tyrus

Need Armed Guards & Metal Detectors

To Stop School Shootings


Impact Wrestling star Tyrus says he knows exactly how to STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS … put up walls, install metal detectors, and station armed security outside entrances.

TMZ Sports talked to Tyrus — who’s also a contributor on FOX News — after the latest act of violence at a Maryland high school.

FYI — “The Fixer” knows a thing or two about protecting people … he used to be Snoop Dogg‘s bodyguard.

Tyrus’ plan to stop the killings in schools? Walls, guards with guns, and metal detectors … not teachers with handguns.

“We need walls around the schools. We need to protect our schools. You can’t get 10 feet within our school unless you’re supposed to be there.”

“And if you’re bringing a backpack in and it’s not a clear backpack, you gotta get searched. That’s the world we live in right now.” 

For anyone who thinks that’s an overreaction … Tyrus has a message for you.

“F**k you.”


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