Co-star Charlie Weber talks with THR about what to expect from next week’s double-dose of drama.

[This story contains spoilers from Thursday’s How to Get Away With Murder.]

If final scene of Thursday’s How to Get Away With Murder episode was shocking — spoiler alert: the episode ended with Connor (Jack Falahee) giving Wes (Alfred Enoch) CPR inside Annalise’s house — star Charlie Weber, who plays Frank, wants viewers to know that the last two hours of the season will be even more stressful to watch.

“When we started this thing, a body was pulled out of the house, and now we know the house was full of people,” Weber told The Hollywood Reporter. “Everybody was there! We now know it was Wes, and then next thing we know Laurel was there. Why was Laurel there? Then Nate was there and now Connor’s there. So it’s just interesting how many doors that opens as far as possibilities of what happened.”

He also wants viewers to watch the episodes in real time. “It’s been a long, hard road for a lot of the characters but certainly for Frank and for me. It’s been really lovely and rewarding and we’re going to get some closure on a lot of things but also raise some new questions,” Weber said, adding, “I would suggest watching it live because it’s going to spread fast, all the stuff that happens.”

Before that Connor bombshell, there was another major breakthrough — a moment in court where Frank successfully argued for a subpoena in his case, impressing Bonnie and Annalise in the process. “It was huge for him because this was the first time that he and Annalise and Bonnie were a team again,” Weber said. “Whether or not [Annalise is] still upset, there’s certainly mending left to do, but it was just such a positive sign that things were going down that path that he really enjoyed the opportunity and was thrilled that it worked out.”

Weber clarified, “He and Bonnie are as tight as ever. Frank didn’t tell her that he was going to confess and she certainly has her questions about how he’s handling this but they are working together as always. Whereas Annalise, he’s just kind of waiting and hoping and doing whatever he can as he admitted to her on the phone, that he would do anything — which he would — and for her to take him up on that was a big moment for him.”

Frank is also hopeful that this development will lead to a real reconciliation with Annalise, Weber added. “He saw that as a huge step to getting back into her good graces. He’s always dong the things to help her, but now she’s reciprocating by asking for something specific,” he said. “She hasn’t asked for his help in a long time.”

How to Get Away With Murder‘s two-hour third season finale airs Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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