Tens of thousands of UK men are flocking to flirt with Russian women online right now. As of last year, some 80,333 UK men were actively on international dating websites looking for an Eastern European woman of their dreams. But if you are new to the international dating scene, you are probably not aware of the difference in flirting with women from your own country, and flirting with a woman from Russia.

In the west, particularly the UK, flirting online can be very laid back and sometimes, jokes can be taken with a pinch of salt. One thing that is obviously different is the language barrier that naturally exists between you and an Eastern European woman. If you are going to jokily flirt with her, make sure she understands the joke in English, there are translators on some international dating sites that can interpret what you say, but make sure she understands it. Not only language, but there is also the fact that Eastern European women have different beliefs to a western woman.

For one, an Eastern European woman has a far more grounded view of family life, which may not necessarily mean she wants to look after babies 24/7, or cook meals 24/7, but she will want a stable man who believes in the old fashioned view of the family. As the man you are the head of the family, (the provider), and she is the keeper of the house. Although she may also wish to work as well to keep a tiny bit of independence for herself and to bring in extra income for the house. She may already have a good job in her country.

The most important thing you can do if you want to date and flirt with Russian women online is to learn some basic Russian phrases. She will not only be impressed but also thank you for taking the time to learn or try to learn the narrative of her country.

Also when you chat to her, make sure you learn some basic Russian history, and even politics. Russian women are generally not into grand gestures, so if you get to the stage where it’s time to meet her, send her some flowers, or box of chocolates. In return for these small gestures, she may end up giving you a gift in return, (normally something she has made herself). Learning a small amount of Russian may come in handy when you decide to actually meet her in person as well.

Remember, when you date and flirt with Russian women in reality, you need to make sure that you dress well. They like to see a man who is well groomed and well dressed. You don’t have to wear an Armani suit, but as long as you look the part she will be impressed straight off.

Source by Chris Gaynor