You consider yourself a fat man. Dieting is not, let us be honest, for everyone. You like your food and maybe you are comfortable with your size. So now you want to find women looking for fat men.

The approach for you to take is actually very simple. Just let me begin, however, by cautioning you against a certain type of site.

You may have noticed dating services aimed at fat people. Ignore them, please. On the whole, they tend to be expensive, full of fake profiles, and do not possess nearly enough real members for them to be worth our valuable time. So, steer clear.

What you need to do is simply join a popular dating community. The reason is very simple. These big dating sites use clever search engines for members to find other members. This is perfect for helping you find women looking for fat men.

When you make your profile, just be sure to be honest about your size. Upload some pictures and state that you are over-weight. These big services usually give you the option to select your body-type.

Now, some women prefer fat men. So, the next time such a woman in your area does a search, she will find your profile.

What you can also do is do a search yourself. The bigger sites allow you to search for local women based on their preferences. So you simply have to do a search for women who prefer fat men. Depending on where you life, you could find thousands of these women, many of whom may well be online right now.

Source by Davina Anderson