OK so you’ve had your first date, it went well, conversation flowed, and there was definite chemistry…well you thought so anyway.

You leave your date excited, full of inspiration and a sense of relief that you have finally meet someone worthwhile. You wonder should you send that thank you text, you really want to but will you appear too eager and turn him off? You think it is his job to make the effort and seal the deal; after all you are a catch!

Back at home now, the night goes on you check your impulsively phone every 10 minutes, nothing…you know you have a window of opportunity for the thank you text of usually about an hour, two at the most. Time goes on no text saying how amazing the date was and how he is looking forward to seeing you again. You start to doubt yourself. Maybe he wasn’t that interested after all?

The next day you check in with your girlfriends, you tell them about how amazing your date was you dread the question of ‘Has he called yet?”. You tell your friends with a smile “No, not yet but it is only early days”. Only to find this puts further doubt in your head. He really mustn’t be into me! Oh no! You think you read the signals wrong, this in turn makes you want him more, you wonder will he or won’t he call, but you know of the three day rule so this give you reassurance and you can breathe easy for the next couple of days anyway.

Sound familiar? Well you could put your mind at ease and play less exhausting mind games with a little bit of knowledge and a strategy. Let’s start with a bit of knowledge.

If a man hasn’t called after the date it could be a number of reasons.

He could be waiting for you to make first contact, surprisingly a lot of men genuinely wait for a woman to say thank you. If a man doesn’t receive a thank you text after a date often read it as a signal that she was either not interested, ungrateful for his effort or playing the waiting game. Everyone knows about the waiting game, it is the oldest rule in the book. If you play the waiting game you are at risk of him playing your game.

The time frame it takes for a man to call you all is dependent on the date.

When a man makes contact straight after your date!

For amazing first dates, where you just click, it is appropriate to make contact immediately after the date, keep up the momentum and strike while the iron is hot! Nothing too big just a text, saying you had an amazing time and you’d love to catch up again soon. Not to mention nice etiquette. He will appreciate it. If a man contacts you immediately after your first date it is a strong sign he is very interested and he wants to see more of you, there was chemistry on his part and he has thrown the waiting game out of the window he doesn’t want to risk someone else snapping you up. He is confident and he knows what he wants and it is you!

What does it mean when a man calls you three days after your date?

This could mean a number of things. He may have a heavy work load and social commitments let’s face it men are not the best multi-taskers, it could also possibly mean he is moderately interested, he feels you are worth meeting again or thirdly it could mean this man is playing by the book. He has done his research and he knows women don’t like overly eager men. He wants to keep you waiting and knows this will have you wanting him more.

What does it mean if a man calls you 5 days or more after your first date?

Most of the time if this happens the odds are not hugely in your favour. I would make three main assumptions. Assumption one he really wasn’t that into you and is probably seeing other people in between, once he finally contacts you he has been on a few dates are realises that you are worth seeing again. This happens frequently with people using online dating services and is thankfully avoided with matchmaking or other organic methods of meeting someone. Assumption two he is genuinely busy, he has been lost in his schedule, he may have been travelling and is interested just extremely time poor. Assumption three, he hasn’t heard from you and thinks you are not into him. Assumption three happens more often than you think, women often give off mixed signals and rather than be rejected the man makes no contact.

How to know if he is into you after your first date quickly?

With the fast paced society we live in people want answers and they want them now. Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way with dating, dating takes patience, and you have no control over the other person. There is a simple and effective way to get your answers sooner rather than later however it takes a bit of work from you. You have to be proactive and make things happen. If you’re reading this I have no doubt you have a lot of success in all other aspects of your life so why not dating.

Often women don’t want to call as they assume it can break but the dynamics. This is actually a big mistake and these women often miss out on love.

Read the signals on your date, if you feel and see you are both into you; send him a quick thank you text. Men love to be appreciated it will make him feel good the key to get someone’s interest is to make them feel good. Too cool for school is old hat. You’ll be able to judge his interest by his response.

If you have left it a few days to contact him yourself, send him a flirty text to acknowledge he made an impact. If he responds great! If not move on, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Happy dating!

Source by Samantha Jayne