“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Tyler Henry ahead of the “Hollywood Medium” season finale, to get the scoop on what’s in store.

Henry revealed that Dr. Drew Pinsky gave him a brain scan during a reading with Steve-O to see if they could detect any changes.

Tyler told Tanika, “I was really interested because I had my own questions about my brain during the process, so he hooked me up to a brain scan and it’s the season finale. You’ll see the full results and the full reading.”

He went on, “[Dr. Drew] selected the client to keep it completely authentic. It was actually Steve who he selected from ‘Jackass.’ He was a skeptic to say the least, and I loved it. You’ll see the full transformation on how that happened and the full results that came through.”

“My brain waves definitely went through some massive changes that weren’t normal and they didn’t align with what was being seen as far as me communicating and talking and interacting with Steve-O. My brain looked like it was asleep… while I was reading, while I was fully conscious.”

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