Hines Ward

Roethlisberger’s Not Retiring Soon

… ‘Plenty Left in the Tank’

10/22/2017 12:45 AM PDT


Hines Ward is calling BS on all that Ben Roethlisberger retirement talk … saying his old QB still has “plenty left in the tank” — enough to win a Super Bowl. 

Big Ben admitted he contemplated hangin’ ’em up after the 2016 season — but decided to come back. Then there was the “maybe I don’t have it anymore” comment earlier this month. 

But Ward ain’t buyin’ any of that retirement garbage — telling TMZ Sports #7 is still a championship-caliber player, period. 

Speaking of QB’s … we also asked Ward about Colin Kaepernick … and he names a list of teams that could use his skills right now.

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