Melissa Thompson claims that the disgraced TV producer was ‘caressing her leg and moving his hand under her dress’ during a meeting.

Harvey Weinstein has been hit with another sexual misconduct and assault complaint just days after he was indicted for his actions in New York – and this one comes with an alleged video.

Melissa Thompson has joined a class action lawsuit against Weinstein, his former production company Miramax, and others filed by two other alleged victims of the producer’s bad behaviour.

She claims she was pitching a software programme she hoped the producer would purchase in 2011 at his office in New York, when he made aggressive sexual advances towards her and at one point reached underneath her dress, aware that he was on camera.

According to legal papers, obtained by The Blast, Weinstein asked her if he could flirt with her during the meeting, to which Thompson responded, “A little bit”. But he took his attraction too far as she demonstrated the technology, “caressing her leg and moving his hand under her dress”.

“Thompson panicked,” the lawsuit reads. “Her legs felt wobbly. Her speech was interrupted. She hesitated and then continued with the pitch, believing that if she didn’t react he would stop”.

At a follow-up meeting at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which Thompson felt pressured to attend to close the deal, Weinstein reportedly removed his pants and underwear while she was in the bathroom of his suite and allegedly “walked towards her, naked from the waist down, and told her to join him in the shower”.

She declined the offer and scrambled to get away when the producer “reached behind her dress and pulled the zipper down” and then allegedly tried to rip her stockings off.

They ended up on the bed, where Weinstein allegedly proceeded to rape her, according to Thompson’s suit. He masturbated to completion beside her.

She claims the movie mogul then took a shower and began masturbating again while talking to her about business opportunities.

Weinstein closed the deal with Thompson’s company and the technology she introduced to him was used as he and his business partners marketed Meryl Streep’s movie The Iron Lady.

On Wednesday, Weinstein was indicted and charged with several counts of rape and sexual assault.

Over 90 woman have come forward with tales of sordid experiences with Harvey, which range from harassment and misconduct to assault and rape.

He maintains he has never had non-consensual sex with a woman.