Social media sensation Hannah Stone reportedly committed suicide on Nov. 1. Here’s everything you need to know about this rising talent and her shocking death.

Hannah Stone was just 16 years old when she passed away on Nov. 1. She reportedly committed suicide mere weeks before her 17th birthday. However, as of now, the exact cause of her death is not know. Before her passing, Hannah was already garnering a fanbase for her incredible voice. With thousands of follows on platforms like Instagram and YouNow, she seemed destined for great things. As fans and friends attempt to make sense of her shocking death, let’s get to know Hannah a little bit better. Here’s 5 thing everyone should know about the talented singer and performer who died far too soon.

1) She was born in Lowville, New York on Nov. 13, 2000. She attended Lowville and Whitesboro schools, according to her obituary. Along the way she discovered her love of music. She would sing covers and eventual she wrote some songs of her own. When she began sharing her music on social media, her talent was instantly recognized.

3) Hannah had 375,000 followers on YouNow. The live broadcasting site turned out to be the perfect place for her to showcase her abilities and people took notice. Her last stream was on Oct. 18. She played piano and sang for her fans.

4) In Sept., she posted a cryptic tweet that some fans believe forewarned her reportedly suicidal thoughts. Hannah wrote, “I’ll never be able to describe how sorry I am.” Head here to take a look back at all the celebrities we’ve lost in 2017.

5) Hannah left behind a loyal and heartbroken fandom. Although she wasn’t a household name, her passing has rocked several online communities. YouNow’s official account tweeted this: “Deeply saddened to hear about Hannah Stone. Such a beautiful, talented spirit who will always be in our hearts. RIP angel.”

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