Even a “cocktail of procedures” can’t keep Halsey from showing her fans just how much they mean to her in her time of need.

Endometriosis — a disease that can wreak havoc on a woman’s reproductive organs — is a chronic ailment Halsey has been dealing with for years, but she wasn’t officially diagnosed with it until rather recently. After heading into “multiple terrifying surgeries” to address the pain brought on by the condition, she brought #nofilter to a new level when she posted a photo of her from her hospital bed along with an optimistic update on her health.

Even though she was in “total agony,” she made a point to stress that endometriosis can’t keep her down — and it can’t keep others suffering from chronic pain down, either.

“For those of you who have followed this battle of mine or who may suffer with it yourself, you know the extremes to which it can be mentally exhausting and physically painful,” she wrote. “But in my recovery I am thinking of all of you and how you give me the strength and stamina to power through and prosper. If you suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating disease please know that I have found time to live a crazy, wild, rewarding life AND balance my treatment and I hope so much in my heart that you can too.”

Endometriosis, GTFO. Here’s to Halsey, her PMA, and her hopefully speedy recovery.

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