Gwens Stefani had the best time spending her 2016 Thanksgiving with boyfriend Blake Shelton and his family in Oklahoma. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why she might have to bail on the festivities this year.

Blake Shelton, 41, and Gwen Stefani, 48, have always made holidays together a big priority in their relationship. In 2016 they spent Thanksgiving at his Oklahoma ranch and rang in Christmas at her LA home. They were hoping to do turkey day at his country pad again, but she might have to skip out on the festive meal. “Gwen had the best time with Blake and his family last year at Thanksgiving and she would love to do it all over again. Last year she promised that she’d be back again for this Thanksgiving, but she might have to break her promise. She’s got so much work on her plate all month, it’s going to be very hard for Gwen to pull it all off,” a source close to the singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“It’s crunch time for promoting her Christmas album, she’s got so many interviews lined up she’s even doing a meet and greet in LA on Black Friday. She keeps insisting that she can do it all, that she can have the big traditional feast with Blake and his family on Thanksgiving and then race back to LA for work,” our insider continues. Gwen just dropped her first ever holiday album You Make It Feel Like Christmas, on Oct. 6 and as the season draws closer, she’s going to be everywhere in support of it.

Since the Blakester is the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER, he’s agreed to change up his Thanksgiving plans in Oklahoma if she can’t make it there to spend it with him. “Blake absolutely wants her there with his family, but he’s told her if she needs to stay in LA he’ll be with her. Either way they’re going to be together, but Gwen’s goal is to be superwoman and make it all happen. She doesn’t want to miss out,” our source says. See Blake and Gwen’s relationship milestones in pics, here.

Blake played a big part in Gwen deciding to record a Christmas album, as the idea came to her while going for a run on her boyfriend’s ranch. “What if I did write a Christmas song? What would it be?” she told Billboard magazine. She said that within minutes she came up with a melody and lyrics that she laid down in a voice video as soon as she got back to his house. A few weeks later, she recorded her first ever holiday tune “Christmas Eve.” The title track is a duet between Blake and Gwen that we’re sure will be a total holiday classic for years to come.

HollywoodLifers, have you listened to Gwen’s Christmas album yet? Did it get you in the holiday spirit?

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