A celebrity narcissist needs constant attention and the loving adoration of his fans so Trump is lining up a few venues to do a post election victory tour and Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld admitted that Murdoch’s Fox News network heads would have exploded if Obama had done the same thing.

Gutfeld said, “If Obama did a victory lap, this network would explode. We would be frothing. We’d have pitchforks running down Pennsylvania Avenue!”

Can you imagine the outrage from the conservative media over a president-elect “thank you tour?”

Earlier in the conversation, co-host Juan Williams wondered what the point was since he can’t yell “lock her up ” anymore. (But his adoring fans did in Cincinnati nevertheless)

He hoped Trump would use it to try to unify the country, but his victory tour will be filled with rabid Trump supporters.

He’ll most likely attack the media and praise he followers, brag about himself, tell everybody how wonderful and historic he is and reiterate the same campaign promises he’s already reneging on.

Dana Perino was level headed and said he didn’t have to reach out to his non-supporters, but probably should.

Eric Bolling was thrilled that Trump was doing it.

At least Gutfeld is being honest about the hypocritical double standard Fox News employs for President Obama and Democratic politicians in general.

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