‘s agency has broken its silence on circulating rumors that Yuju fainted at a fan signing event. According to reports, the 19-year-old South Korean singer shed tears due to stomach pains and fainted at the fan signing event on Sunday, August 27.

According to Choisweet1004, “Yuju kept her eyes closed in a jaw-dropping attitude. So buddy asked her if she was okay, she was lying on the fan sign table and could not get up for a while. When buddy calls the manager, the manager starts to raise her up. She cries with a painful look, holding her stomach. Anyway Sowon and Yerin go back while backing up Yuju. Yuju whispered a sad and a real painful sound.”

A source from GFriend’s agency Source Music has debunked the reports, telling Soompi, “Yuju crouched over due to stomach pains during a fan signing. There are reports that she fainted, but this is not true, and she is currently on her way to the hospital.”

Earlier this month, Yuju injured her leg during GFriend’s comeback stage for MBC’s “Show Champion”. Fans noticed Yuju’s leg was bleeding in the beginning of the group’s performance. According to a source, she hit her ankle on a corner in the waiting room and did not have time to clean the blood prior to going on stage.

Yuju later explained about her injury during an interview with “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show”, saying, “During our first broadcast, the camera caught my leg bleeding. I don’t know why [I bled]. I cleaned it because there was blood and that was the end.”

GFriend is currently promoting their latest single “Love Whisper” off their fifth mini album “”.

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