Rocker Gavin Rossdale is voicing regret over his divorce from Gwen Stefani in 2015, saying it “was completely opposite to what I wanted. Really not… but here we are.”

The musician, in an interview with Fabulous magazine, came clean about his true feelings, saying, “Apart from death, I think divorce is one of the hardest, most painful things to go through.”

He admitted to having regrets over their surprise split, but said he has “to deal with reality. You can’t not have regrets and be human at the same time.”

On the bright side, the Bush frontman said he was proud of the 20 years he spent with Gwen. “It’s a lifetime,” he admitted. “I still think she’s incredible. It was a lovely 20 years and we have three amazing children. There were a lot of positives, and with time they’ll become more and more obvious.”

Since their divorce, Gwen has moved on very publicly with country singer and fellow “The Voice” star Blake Shelton.

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