It’s been a longer wait than usual, but Game of Thrones Season 7 is finally upon us!

Based on rumors from the set and speculation from obsessive super-fans we know a little bit about what GoT Season 7 has in store, but now that the show’s off-book there’s really no saying what might happen as the fates of the final claimants to the Iron Throne begin to collide.

Check out the first photos from the show’s long-awaited season premiere in the gallery below, and don’f forget, you can always watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up.

But hurry.

Winter in July is almost here, and the spoilers will surely be flying like Dany’s dragons.

The Khaleesi In Westeros

The Khaleesi In Westeros

Daenerys Targaryen is finally in the West, and it seems she has her sights set on big things. Literally. It looks like she’s looking at a dragon here.

Brienne and Podrick In Battle

Brienne and Podrick In Battle

We’re sure they’re just training. Still, these two going toe-to-toe should make for an interesting scene.

Dolorous Edd and Company

Dolorous Edd and Company

The men of the Night’s Watch seem perplexed. Which is saying something, because it takes a lot to perplex them.

Meera Reed … At The Wall?

Meera Reed ... At The Wall?

Bran’s pal Meera appears to have arrived at the Wall. Which means Bran has probably arrived at the Wall. Which means huge developments are afoot.

Daenerys in Dragonstone

Daenerys in Dragonstone

The Khaleesi has returned home. To be honest, Essos looked to have a much more hospitable climate, but what do we know?

A Giant Map in King’s Landing

A Giant Map in King's Landing

Elsewhere in King’s Landing, some dude is making a giant map. Why? What’s the significance? We don’t know!

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