French Montana

Wishes Ex-GF Khloe Well

After Cheating Scandal

4/12/2018 6:27 AM PDT


French Montana has three choices on how to react to news his ex-girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, just found out her baby daddy Tristan Thompson is a cheat: 

1) He could spike the football and do the whole “I wouldn’t have done that to you” thing.

2) He could trash Tristan and leave room for him to replant his flag. 

Or 3) He could take the high road and wish peace, love and happiness for everyone involved. 

Wanna guess which option French went with? 

Yeah, numero tres for the win! 

“Lemme tell you something man, I just want everyone to be happy,” French told us, on the way out of Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles. 

“When there’s negativity, I duck and move Papi.”

French and Khloe dated back in 2014 — and people REALLY liked them together. 

Just sayin’ … 

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