is blasted by fans after making sexual comments on a hater. Fans blasted the “Don’t Panic” rapper on Thursday, April 6 over a tweet he sent to a user by the name of “chill bill” after he discovered a tweet where she dissed him on the day before.

At the time, the Twitter user tweeted, “The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him..” She added an emoji that showed a cringing face. French then replied to “chill bill” and called her a “musty crusty dusty rusty a** hoe.”

French tweeted, “U musty crusty dusty rusty a** hoe. With them nappy a** poetic justice braids take your cum drinking Dick banging a** somewhere n be humble.”

Fans were angry as French made a harsh tweet about a person’s “nappy” hair, saying he “wasn’t even black” and that he had no right to make “racial” comments about her “braids.”

One fan wrote, “So because French Montana is from Africa it makes it ok for him to make those disgusting comments to a black woman.” Another one added, “This french montana situation is so annoying. now he’s racist and hates black women? oh please.”

French later defended his comments, writing, “How people get mad at u for draging somebody that tried to drag u. My son is black, and I was born in africa I lived there for 13 years
I ain’t no punching bag, and I don’t discriminate !don’t come for me.”

He added, “My mother is african queen and I was married to a beautiful black queen. All I did was defend myself if I affended anybody I apologize. But this is a perfect example of even when u defending yourself and minding your Business social media would drag your name thru the mud!!But on another note #STAYWOKE.”


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