Fox host Tucker Carlson with a two-fer: pretending some obscure coven of witches in New York somehow represents the Democratic party, and using them as an excuse to assault women’s reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.

Every time you think this clown couldn’t sink any lower, he manages to outdo himself. Here’s his latest nonsense from Friday’s show, whipping the octogenarians who watch his propaganda hour into a frenzy. The only thing that was missing was trying to tie Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi into the segment somehow, because we all know this is what the right thinks of them.

Here’s more from Fox’s blog:

A coven of New York witches is holding a public ceremony next week to cast a hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in what Tucker Carlson described as the latest left-wing effort to stop his rise to the high court.

“Liberal Sherpa” Cathy Areu said the hexing will take place in Brooklyn, and that it will include an optional $10 donation to take part.

Carlson said part of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood, to “fund their own human sacrifice rituals.”

He said that it is appropriate that the Democratic Party, which “conducts witch hunts” also “conducts witchcraft.”

Areu said the coven previously cast three hexes on President Trump and considered their efforts successful in partially stymieing his administration’s goals.

She said that many on the left have “Trump Anxiety Disorder” and are acting on the development by taking greater efforts to stop things like his judicial nominees through protest and now witchcraft.

Carlson said that Americans used to laugh at third-world countries that practice grisly things like witchcraft and cannibalism, but that it appears that one of those has come to the Empire State.

He said that it is doubly dangerous to cast hexes, in the case that unseen evil forces actually do exist and that the ceremony could do real damage to people.

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