Ex-NHL Star Sean Avery

Coffee Date With Brodeur??

… Not Happenin’

10/29/2017 12:15 AM PDT


Ex-NHL bad boy Sean Avery and Martin Brodeur absolutely hated each other on the ice … but now that they’re both retired, is it time to bury the hatchet over some coffee??

FYI — the beef goes all the way back to the ’08 Stanley Cup playoffs when Avery stood right in front of Brodeur to distract him from blocking the net … and there’s been bad blood ever since.

So we asked the controversial hockey star if he’d ever be willing to grab a cup of joe with Brodeur … and it’s clear he’s not about it.

We talk more hockey with Avery — from Henrik Lundqvist‘s age to dudes wrestling in their jock straps in the locker room.

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