Who are early adopters to the 5G lifestyle? Cows. Take that Devin Nunes.

Dairy cows in England are in a pilot program involving collars with 5G internet speed. Or, as “The Verge” puts it, “These cows already have 5G, and you don’t.”

It makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it: farms are large and spread-out spaces, and cows are often shuffled between grazing grounds and areas of the farm where they can be more easily milked and checked on. With the 5G collars, Cisco says farmers can keep tabs on the animals at all times of the day without having to physically trek out to observe the cows up close.

Additionally, the 5G smart collars help automate the milking process by wirelessly communicating with a robotic milking system that lets the cow approach the station at its own leisure, pass through the gates after an ID check, and hook up to the robot all with little to no human intervention. The future is wonderful and weird, and farmers have access to it before you and me because, without them, we all starve.


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