Jinger Duggar wears pants. Jill Duggar wears pants. Rumor has it that Jessa Duggar wears pants.

These revelations were shocking to plenty of Duggar fans. 

It turns out that, to members of the fundamentalist church that the Duggars attend, these pants-wearing shenanigans are an outrage.

A lot of people’s parents make controlling decisions about how their children dress. (I still give my mom grief for making me overdress unnecessarily as a kid)

The Duggars take those family dress codes to new extremes. 

The Duggar girls, who are considered their father’s property until they’re married off to their husbands (who then, in Jim Bob’s eyes, effectively become their owners), are required to dress modestly. And that means not wearing pants. It also means always wearing sleeves on their shirts. It means no tight clothing.

And while gender plays an absurdly important role in the Duggar worldview, until recent years, the Duggar boys weren’t allowed to wear shorts.

Those restrictions would be unpleasant just about anywhere. In Arkansas, in the hot and humid southeast, that kind of dress code is tantamount to torture.

In recent years, the Duggar boys have apparently been allowed to wear shorts, baring their scandalous shin-flesh to the world (shins sounds like sins … coincidence?).

But, short of various sex and abuse scandals, has rocked the proverbial Duggar boat like the Duggar daughters who 

Duggar fans were shocked to see Jinger Duggar wearing pants, a display that they saw as a giant middle finger to Jim Bob Duggar and the way that she was raised.

Of course, it’s her husband Jeremy Vuolo who gave her permission to set aside skirts for pants. He’s famously said that he doesn’t believe that Jesus saves people to force them to wear skirts. That’s probably theologically sound.

Months later, Jill Duggar wore pants out in public for the first time, clearly with the permission of her husband. Furthermore, Jill Duggar shocked some fans with her facial piercing … something that no one really expected to see on a Duggar.

We may not know Jim Bob Duggar’s private thoughts (and, if we did, would we ever again be able to get a good night’s sleep?), but it’s assumed that he reluctantly accepts his adult daughters wearing the devil’s leggings because it’s the will of their husbands.

Others in their community, however, are apparently even less tolerant.

Inquisitr reports that the notoriously conservative fundamentalist church that the Duggars attend is less thrilled.

Apparently, an anonymous commenter who claims to be a member of the Duggar church says that the pants-wearing Duggar girls are allowing young women to come into contact with them to be “defrauded.” We can only assume that this means “deceived into thinking pants, which are for devil-sluts, are okay.”

This commenter also claims that the Duggar girls who wear pants force men who see them to lust after them. That’s not how lust works, but it’s basically the thinking behind a lot of school dress codes.

Finally, the commenter believes that pants-wearing is everything that God is against.

This comes on the heels of Jill Duggar wearing pants while addressing students about “leading Christ-centered relationships.”

(Please hold your threesome jokes)

We have to wonder if this, in particular, is what got the Duggars’ fellow church attendees gossiping about 

This isn’t the only incidence of other staunch conservatives within the Duggar social sphere who disagree about major issues.

Jeremy Vuolo may be pro-pants, but he believes that the Duggars don’t use their platform to be sufficiently anti-gay. Clearly, Derick Dillard believes in using his “fame” to bash a transgender teenage girl, and his in-laws did not publicly back him up.

And, like the rest of the planet, several stars of Duck Dynasty were horrified by what they learned about Josh Duggar and thought that it would be totally appropriate and non-heretical for Anna Duggar to leave him.

In the eyes of some of these anonymous and judgmental churchgoers, the Duggar girls may be inviting some sort of divine retribution upon themselves and their loved ones.

Again, we’re talking about married die-hard conservatives wearing pants with the permission of their husbands, but in the world of religious fundamentalism, they’re basically harlots.

And speaking of people who might be branded as harlots by these folks, many fans believe that Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy was pre-marital.

If it comes out that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth definitely broke their courtship rules, some of these gossip-mongers might believe that the Duggar family as a whole invited this “sin” (again, premarital sex is fine) by showing off the sinful curves of their (gasp!) legs.

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