Drew Brees

Kids Get SonBurned

… Trying To Cover Golden Tate

7/11/2018 3:51 PM PDT

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SonBurned: When a man or woman is forced to watch their offspring (in this case, sons) get ruthlessly burned on the football field by an elite NFL WR who’s taking no prisoners.

Drew Brees‘ kids should now know this definition well, having been ruthlessly destroyed by Lions WR Golden Tate while trying to guard him one-on-one with no safety help.

The life lesson went down at Santa Fe Christian High School where Brees was working out alongside other NFL guys like Tate, Darren Sproles and Michael Thomas.

At some point it was time for the kids to get in on the action, and the resulting carnage was caught on video as both Brees kids get turned around like J Lo walked by.

Might be time to teach them the other side of the ball, Drew … it worked for you, after all.

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