Today, we thankfully have a happy ending to a story that could have easily turned tragic …

Actor Donal Logue’s missing daughter is finally back home!

It’s been nearly two weeks since 16-year-old Jade Logue was declared missing, and Donal has been doing everything in his power to get her back.

The day after Jade went missing, he tweeted a description of her and what she was wearing, and that she’d last been seen at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“Jade, we miss you and love you,” he pleaded. “Please come home. If you can see this, just know I love you and miss you dearly.”

And from there, we all got seriously invested.

In a heartfelt note he shared on Facebook last weekend, he explained that “There’s never been a more loving, innocent, cuddly child than Jade.”

“I love her and who she is and her tribe is strong,” but he added that “there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls.”

“We want you home, Jade,” he wrote. “Whoever knows where she is, whoever may be with her — clearly this thing has become big and crazy.”

“The net has been flung far and wide and luckily, I have dogged teams from the NYPD, FBI, and others involved.”

He urged that whoever may have her or know where she is to “just drop her off,” or to get her in touch with either himself or her mother, Kasey, and “we’ll take her back, with hugs and no questions asked.”

Donal specified that Jade was missing, that she didn’t run away, and just on Friday, he made another request for her to come home.

“Jade, c’mon home, you sweet, beautiful soul,” he tweeted. “We love and miss you dearly.”

But yesterday, his rep made the statement that “Jade is now safely back home with her family.”

“Donal is incredibly thankful for everyone’s support, and especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return.”

Donal himself tweeted “Thank you ALL for the love and support. We are good. Kasey and I wish to thank the NYPD, FBI, @MissingKids and countless others.”

So what happened?!

Well, there aren’t many details about the story right now, and we don’t imagine the Logue family will be eager to share everything, at least not anytime soon.

They’re more likely focused on Jade now.

All we know is that she was found at a friend’s home in North Carolina, and that police say she was found “safe and sound.”

And thank goodness for that.

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