‘s voluptuous chest has caused her to suffer wardrobe malfunction several times lately and she is reportedly considering to reduce the size of her breasts. According to Radar Online, the R&B diva has gained a lot of weight since calling off her engagement to James Packer and all in her chest.

While the former “” judge worked out in preparation for her now-canceled wedding to the Australian billionaire, her weight exploded after they broke up and she has gained 30 pounds. Refusing to work out and eat healthy, the five-time Grammy Award winner, who loves to indulge herself in pizza and champagne, reportedly thinks she can lose weight by having breast reduction surgery.

“Mariah figures breast reduction surgery will knock off 10 pounds, and then after recovery, she’ll have an easier time exercising so she can work off the remaining pounds,” says a source, adding that the singer is worried that her current boyfriend Bryan Tanaka will be turned off by her fuller figure.

“Mariah doesn’t want to be stigmatized as having weight-loss surgery, so she keeps telling everyone that breast reduction surgery is a medical necessity for her performances – but nobody is buying it!” the source goes on claiming.

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