David Ortiz

Take Protests Out of the Ballgame

Take Banners Out of the Crowd!!!

9/15/2017 12:40 AM PDT


David Ortiz wants to make baseball fun again … and definitely doesn’t think unfurling huge protest banners at the ballpark is the way to do it.

We got Big Papi at LAX Thursday — the Red Sox legend tells us he’s not down with the Boston fans who brought the controversial banner to the game Wednesday night … even though it was speaking out against racism.

Ortiz suggests making political statements at a game — no matter what side somebody’s on — are a bad idea because people are always going to get the wrong idea … so he’s against it.

As Papi put it … “You don’t wanna add more s**t to the s**t that is already out there.”

FYI … the 4 fans who brought the banner to Fenway were ejected.

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