David Eason is constantly on the attack these days.

First, according to a 911 call from Jenelle Evans, Eason attacked his own wife.

Then, he went after those who don’t believe in the concept of slavery by draping himself in a confederate flag.

From there, it was on to Kailyn Lowry.

Now, apparently intent on becoming the most hated and angry man on the Internet, the former MTV star has set his sights on… Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy?


Scroll down to see just what Eason ranted and raved about in his latest Instagram diatribe…

This is Randy Houska

He’s pretty close to his daughter, Chelsea, who wrote as a caption to the photo featured here: “I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I have some pretty great men in my life. Thank you both for being the best dads out there. I am grateful for the two of you every day.”

This is David Eason

This is David Eason

So… How Did Their Paths Meets Online?

So... How Did Their Paths Meets Online?

A few days ago, following her alleged assault at the hands of her husband, Jenelle released a video in which she defended her husband and told everyone to calm down. It appeared at the time as if she were missing a few teeth.

Click PLAY above to watch Jenelle’s self-proclaimed “confession” and look closely at her lower row of teeth.

Evans Became Aware of This Rumor and Subsequent Said on Snapchat:

Evans Became Aware of This Rumor and Subsequent Said on Snapchat:

“Supposedly I got my teeth knocked out, right? Wrong! If you’re dying to know, I have a retainer. Why do I have a retainer on my teeth? Because I’m realigning my jaw. Instead of going the plastic surgery route, like most people do, I’m not.”

Enter Randy

Enter Randy

The guy works as a dentist and he actually replied to Jenelle’s claim, Tweeting: “Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘un-aligned.'”

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