Just when Trina was warming up to Bobby he had to go and ruin it by saying something unsavory things about the Baddest.

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Trina and all her cousins (okay, just two of them) are on this season of Love & Hip Hop Miami. Unlike her relationship with Joy which is thriving, her relationship with Bobby could use some work.

Trina showed up to support her cuz at his music release party but when she found out that he had “spoke his mind” in a podcast interview, she got real tight. She told him, off bat, to keep her name out of his mouth, “I don’t know why you need to use my name to make you relevant.” Bobby definitely wasn’t going to take that lying down so he clapped back, “You can’t take the fact that I’m star, too” Chile. Bobby wants to find out what exactly Miami Tip said to Trina, but the drama didn’t have a lot of time to unfold because all of sudden, boom, Jeffrey popped up to show his ex some love.

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