Corey Sligh, an actor who formerly worked as an extra on soap operas such as The Young and the Restless, All My Children and Days of Our Lives, has been found guilty of molesting a young girl in Georgia.

According to local news outlet The Cherokee Tribune, the 30-year old was found guilty on June 28 of inappropriately and illegally touching a child younger than 10 years old.

The actor and model also is also awaiting trial on similar case in Florida.

Bill Bishop, chief assistant state attorney for Okaloosa County in Florida, says Singh faces one count of lewd and lascivious molestation, which carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

For the current conviction, however, Sligh faces five to 20 years behind bars.

No sentencing date has been set for him just yet.

Sligh was arrested in his hometown of Canton, Georgia in November of 2016.

At the time, he was charged with the two counts after the parents of a young girl reported to authorities that the actor allegedly touched their daughter and forced her to touch him inappropriately.

The alleged incident took place in March of that same year and was reported to the police in September.

It is unclear just how many times Sligh allegedly molested his victim in Georgia.

“Corey Sligh maintains his innocence,” his lawyer told E! News, adding:

“The jury found him not guilty on Count 1. The jury compromised to guilty on Count 2 after deliberating for days and requesting to be hung and released from service.”

The part-time actor recurred on the aforementioned dramas as a waiter and a bartender.

However, Sligh is also known for an unusual, violent incident that made him a victim back in November of 2014.

In this instance, Sligh claimed that he and his girlfriend were randomly attacked while delivering Thanksgiving meals, resulting in serious injurites and hospital trip for the star.

This is a photo he shared of himself afterward:

Weeks after his Georgia arrest, meanwhile, Sligh was arrested and charged with one count of lewd and lascivious molestation stemming from another incident involving another girl under the age of 10.

Florida Police said her mother told authorities that her child said Sligh touched her inappropriately and forced her to touch him while they were vacationing in Rosemary Beach.

It was basically the same actions he was accused of  in Georgia.

“There is an allegation in Florida by the same person alleging the same conduct,” his attorney explains.

“The Florida evidence was presented in the Georgia trial to further bolster the State’s case. Corey had 30-50 family and friend supporters in court every day during the trial.

We, including his wife, stand behind him still. We hope that Corey’s exemplary reputation and character prior to this allegation will be considered in sentencing.

“The conviction will be appealed regardless of sentence.”

We’ll update this gross story with more details as they come in.

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