Dictionary.com defines a concentration camp as: “a guarded compound or imprisonment of aliens, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents … for the confinement and persecution of prisoners.”

Well guess what, America?!

We are now officially building and maintaining concentration camps for migrant families who have come to our borders seeking asylum. Even though the mainstream media is reporting that the Trump Administration is “considering” tent concentration camps, the truth is that they have already been erected. As The Daily Beast published just two days ago, these camps already exist in El Paso, TX. These camps are former military hospital facilities converted to prison camps. Representative Nanette Barragan (D-CA) said after visiting the camp that it was “filthy” and “heartbreaking.”

Now comes a solicitation from the Trump Administration for contractors to bid on other “soft sided structures.” The solicitation 70B03C19Q0000074 was originally posted on April 12th and amended on the 15th. Bids are due on the 16th because Attorney General William Barr has just banned bail for migrants seeking asylum…which by the way, is not a crime..and they need somewhere to keep these people, to concentrate them if you will.

According to the solicitation, the Trump Administration is in need of the following “soft sided structures for both El Paso and Donna, TX”:

By their estimates, they are hoping to arrest asylum seekers and concentrate them in relatively high numbers:

There is no honor without accountability.

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