Chuck Liddell

Hey, Boxers …

Stay in Your Sport

9/3/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Chuck Liddell‘s got a message for all the big-name boxers trying to transition to MMA …

DON’T DO IT — unless you wanna embarrass yourself. 

“Guys coming from boxing — stay there,” Chuck told TMZ Sports … when we spoke to the UFC legend about Andre Berto trying to take his talents inside the Octagon

The Iceman ain’t throwin’ shade at Berto … he’s just keepin’ it real on guys pulling a reverse Conor McGregor … cause it’s A LOT harder to go from boxing to MMA.

If Conor fought Floyd Mayweather in a non-boxing match, for example … 

“Floyd wouldn’t have made it out of 1 round — not kickboxing, not MMA, not a street fight — not 1 round,” Liddell said.

Chuck did have an important piece of advice for boxers trying to make the switch … but he still thinks it’s a bad idea.

Sorry, Andre.

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