Chris Johnson

Surveillance Video Of Alleged Assault

Charged w/ Choking Valet

6/11/2018 9:38 AM PDT


Chris Johnson was arrested in April for allegedly choking a valet … and now TMZ Sports has the surveillance video of the alleged violent altercation.

Here’s the deal … Johnson was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after officials in Hillsborough County, Florida say the NFL star roughed up a nightclub valet.

According to court docs, Johnson “became angry at the businesses valet” and “intentionally touched and struck the victim” by “placing him in a choke hold and punching him in the face causing minor injuries” April 9 at The Lodge.

The video quality ain’t the best … but you see a man who appears to be Johnson attempt to grab something from the valet … before the men leave the frame and are lost in a crowd.

We spoke to Matt Powell — the alleged victim’s attorney — who tells us Johnson didn’t have his valet ticket, and got pissed when his client asked him to prove the Porsche he was trying to take was his vehicle.

Powell says Johnson grabbed the keys before choking his client while an unidentified person punched him in the face — injuring his face, neck and back.

We also obtained a video taken shortly after the alleged incident, where the victim appears bloodied and beaten … and says he was scared for his life.

“I thought I was gonna die.”

Johnson faces up to a year in jail if convicted. 

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