Chris Brown and Rihanna haven’t been together in years, but he still has thoughts about her current relationship. has the EXCLUSIVE details.

Chris [Brown] thinks Hassan [Jameel] is not good enough for Rihanna—but then, nobody would be good enough for her in his eyes,” a source close to the “With You” singer told EXCLUSIVELY. “Chris just can’t believe all the engagement rumors, he thinks there’s no way Rihanna would marry this dude, which is kinda funny really as he doesn’t know Hassan at all. Chris just can’t help it though, even after all these years, and all the water that’s passed under the bridge, he still loves Rihanna to pieces and he still thinks of her as being his girl. It’s totally crazy, but Chris still holds out this belief that one day, somehow, he and Rihanna will get back together and live happily ever after.” Woah!

It’s kind of funny how Chris isn’t a fan of Hassan, because it seems like the feeling goes both ways. A source previously told us that Hassan thinks the singer is “a thug” and a “woman beater” and thus isn’t a huge fan of him. This feeling likely stems from the infamous 2009 assault case in which the “Pills And Automobiles” singer attacked his then-girlfriend. But it seems Chris is trying to make amends with his past — he recently painted a mural of the search warrant from the case which seemed to serve as a reminder to learn from his past mistakes.

While Chris thinks Rihanna won’t marry Hassan, it should be noted that they aren’t even engaged, at least not right now. Rumors started circling in Dec. 2017 when she was spotted wearing a diamond ring, but as we’ve previously reported, her and her boyfriend aren’t currently looking to get married, but if the time comes, “she would let the world know about it pretty quickly,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. It’s unclear though whether Chris will get his wish — Rihanna and Hassan seem pretty happy together!

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