has been accused of immigrant shaming the new FLOTUS, Melania Trump. During an interview, Chelsea was asked about inviting either or the Slovenian native First Lady to her Netflix talk show.

Chelsea scoffed at the idea as she mocked Melania’s language ability. “No, [I would not interview Trump],” she said. “No. Melania? Talk about what? She can barely speak English!”

In the interview, the 41-year-old comedian also shared that she wouldn’t invite the new First Man and First Lady, even if they personally requested to be a guest, to her Netflix show. Explaining her reason, she said she didn’t respect either one of them.

Chelsea later received backlash for bullying the First Lady, who actually can speak five languages. Besides English, Melania is also fluent in French, Italian, German and Slovene. Chelsea’s comment was deemed rude, disrespectful and harmful to all immigrants learning to speak English. Even though many people wanted Chelsea to relay an apology, the comedian has not issued anything for her comment towards Melania.

This is not the first time Chelsea is attacking Melania’s English. Previously, Chelsea, who has been a vocal supporter of Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton, made fun of Melania during the presidential election campaign on Twitter.

Chelsea tweeted, “Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches… Hopefully an interpreter will be present.” In another tweet she quipped, “Tim Kaine delivered a speech entirely in Spanish. Still easier to understand than Melania.p.”

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