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Stretch marks, C-section scars and big tummies, these celebrities want to encourage other moms to embrace their postpartum bodies.

Seeing celebrities’ seemingly perfect figures can make women jealous. But often, reality is not as beautiful as what is shown on magazine’s spreads and Instagram photos. Such things happen to most female stars who just gave birth.

While people are used to airbrushed and retouched photos of slim models and actresses even after they gave birth, some celebrity moms are not afraid to show their real post-baby bodies. In honor of those stars who have celebrated their body transformation after pregnancies, here’s a compilation of their empowering images.

1. Slow Progress But Alas..

Katherine Heigl documented her 14-month long journey to “really get back in shape” after giving birth to her son Joshua Jr.

2. Birthing Panties, Bandages and Messy Hair

Jenny Mollen showed the reality of postpartum by taking a selfie, just days after giving birth to her second child with Jason Biggs.

3. Swollen Tummy and C-Section Scar

Jessie James Decker didn’t want to “mislead any mommies who just had babies and are stressing” about their post-pregnancy bodies when Instagram followers complimented her on a quick slim-down, showing her bare tummy in an Instagram picture.

4. Normalize a Real Body and Promote Healthy Self-Esteem

Alec Baldwin‘s wife and yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin wanted to encourage all moms “to accept and love our form” after giving birth to their precious babies.

5. 8 Days Post-Birth and Still Looking Like 5 Months Pregnant

Peta Murgatroyd tried to shatter myths of quick and easy post-birth bounce backs.

6. Proud Actually

Candice Swanepoel hit back at body-shamers who criticized her postpartum body, showing her “little tummy” 12 days after giving birth to her son.

7. Look What Her 2 Babies Did

Kendra Wilkinson celebrated Mother’s Day 2016 by revealing her belly stretch marks.

8. This Is My New Body

Chrissy Teigen showed her stretch marks after two pregnancies while stripping down to a bikini.