Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion featured a quick glimpse of the heavily publicized argument between Farrah and Amber (this was taped several months ago in Los Angeles). But during Part 2 of the special, which just aired, the audience got a full look at the troubling incident — including the root of the all-out altercation, the hurtful words that were exchanged between the young women (and their loved ones) and the somber aftermath. So can the MTV co-stars move past this painful disagreement, or is there no repairing the damage that has been done?

Before sharing your thoughts, here’s an overview: Amber was featured on last week’s installment and could not hide her disdain for Farrah when rehashing this season with host Dr. Drew. There were several reasons why Amber was angry with Farrah, but the primary points were: Farrah stated in an interview that Leah should be with Gary, Farrah made negative remarks about her MTV cohorts (including Amber’s fiancé Matt) and Amber believes Farrah addresses the crew as well as her parents Michael and Debra in a “disturbing and disgusting” way. In addition, Amber and Matt (who joined his future wife onstage) explained that Farrah’s on-again off-again beau Simon called Matt a “pedophile” in a recent Snapchat upload.

Fast-forward to tonight’s Part 2 (a clip can be seen above) — and the addiction specialist speaking with Farrah and Simon about the SoCal-based businessman’s remarks regarding fellow cast members. Simon insisted it was “all in good fun” and said the people he addressed in the clips needed to “have a sense of humor about it.” Farrah stood up for her friend and, in reference to the pedophile comment, muttered that “Matt probably looks like it.”

But Amber heard the exchange from backstage and could not keep her pent-up feelings inside. Charging the stage toward Farrah, she defended her man and told Farrah to “shut her f*cking mouth.” While executive producer Dia Sokol Savage tried to move Amber away from Farrah — and Dr. Drew stood in front of a seated Farrah — the expletive-filled screaming match between the two women did not stop. Security, the production crew and loved ones rushed the area — and shortly afterward, Amber was escorted to an exit. But then tempers between Michael and Matt began to escalate and it was (quickly) back to square one with the bickering.

“Don’t ever speak of me again,” Amber stated as she was guided off of the premises (for real this time), while Farrah loudly counted “1, 2, 3” over Amber.

Eventually, Farrah — with Simon by her side — told Dr. Drew she doesn’t want Amber in her life and stated she hopes Amber “finds her own peace.” Later, Amber appeared with Maci and Catelynn (who rushed to Amber’s aid post-feud) and did not address the ordeal. Instead, Maci did most of the talking — and said to Dr. Drew that if Farrah could leave early (a decision that was made by producers to not have the foursome appear together), they would walk too. And with that, Amber, Catelynn and Maci departed — and no resolution was reached.

The animosity between Amber and Farrah runs deep — and there is obvious hurt on both sides of this personal conflict. But is there a possibility of a reconciliation, and can the two salvage their one-time strong relationship? Or will they continue to harbor ill feelings and have no positive progress in sight? Share your respectful opinions in the comments.

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