CT, the reigning Challenge champion, is giving convincing evidence the crown will remain pressed to his head.

On tonight’s Champs vs. Pros episode, the show’s original crop of 20 competitors continued to shrink, as eight men battled for six spots in the coming round. And if they wanted to advance, they had to prove their brains matched their brawn.

In “Keep Your Eye On The Prize,” a riff on an Exes 2 mission, each team was challenged to play a glorified game of telephone that stretched across a huge vista. One player would hold up a puzzle key, and a second point person would relay its contents to teammates who were waiting at the foot of a hill. The answers would then travel through a series of sprinters until they finally arrived at a puzzle-solver who would try to reassemble the brainteaser somewhere completely out of sight.

In the end, and after more than a few lung-draining wind sprints, the Champions were declared the game’s winners, and Darrell, the team captain, earned safety from elimination. And he was especially lucky to avoid the battling, because only one additional man from the team would be safe.

Immediately after the group sat down to the nomination ceremony, Wes tried to solicit votes, and Jordan followed suit. The volunteering seemed strange to fellow team members until CT, who hulked over both, put things into perspective.

“The main reason Wes and Jordan are trying to get Darrell to nominate them first is because they know they’re not gonna get anybody to vote for me,” he said. “I can’t even tell you how I get away with this stuff. Maybe I’m still living off the old CT.”

In other words: CT’s real scary, and scary sends people home.

And CT’s intimidation factor seems to be doing the trick. After the “Ice Bath” elimination round, which challenged players to complete another puzzle with freezing-cold limbs, Wes knocked Jordan out, leaving only three men on the Champs’ team. So will either Darrell or Wes be able to keep CT from steamrolling over them both?

What do you think — can anyone step up and stop CT from his cakewalk to the Challenge finale, or is the vet getting dangerously close to another W? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out next Tuesday at 9/8c!

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