Lifetime premiered its highly anticipated Britney Spears biopic ‘Britney Ever After’ on Feb. 18, which was chock-full of wild and special moments. Viewers couldn’t stop talking about the movie, so we compiled a list of the BEST fan reactions! Check it out!

Britney Spears, 35, has been in the spotlight for nearly two decades, having faced her fair share of ups and downs during her time in the public eye. So of course, viewers couldn’t wait to watch the scripted biopic, Britney Ever After, which finally premiered on Lifetime Feb. 18. The TV flick allowed us all to relive her most memorable highs and lows, as Aussie actress Natasha Bassett played the Princess of Pop. Fans were in awe after tuning in, taking to social media to voice their thoughts on what they just witnessed. Luckily, we complied a list of the BEST responses!

One fan kept it very real, revealing exactly how she planned to prepare for the movie, writing, “I gotta get high and watch this Britney Spears lifetime original tonight. I’m sorry, I just got to.” Another was NOT here for the biopic, tagging the real deal alongside the bold caption, “@britneyspears drag lifetime Queen.” Some couldn’t even handle how the actress didn’t look enough like the “Slumber Party” singer, adding,”#BritneyEverAfter she looks more like Katherine Heigl than @britneyspears.” That was only the beginning of the wild and wacky responses!

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The first half of Britney Ever After was focused mostly on her romance with Justin Timberlake (Nathan Keyes), and they totally nailed his popular *NSYNC hairdo. They also showed the moment JT confronts Brit for cheating and dumps her! However, there was another part which especially upset one fan named Sunset. She wrote, “They didn’t even get these outfits right. I’m pissed. These are iconic. This was the one thing they should’ve gotten right.” As if that wasn’t enough, the fan added a photo to show the costume designers what they could’ve done!

The biopic also touched on Britney’s very public downward spiral, even when she shaved her head after splitting with Kevin Federline. This was obviously tough to watch, even though the songstress recently revealed that she has no regrets about the ordeal. A fan perfectly captured the cringe-worthy moment, by writing, “I’m sure Britney’s at home watching #BritneyEverAfter like…,” showing a video of her gritting her teeth. We’re sure it was nostalgic to say the least!

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