Brie Bella welcomed her daughter 6 months ago, and already she’s faced her fair share of mom shaming! In an exclusive interview though, we learned if the hate has deterred her from expanding her fam. Find out here!

Critics are NOT about to get Brie Bella, 33, down! Although the Total Divas star is new to motherhood, as she only welcomed daughter Birdie Bella with husband Daniel Bryan, 36, in May, she already knows she wants to have more kids — despite getting mom shamed “a lot.” Sitting down with Brie and her twin sister Nikki Bella, learned EXCLUSIVELY that Brie and Daniel, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, “for sure” will add to their brood. And like a true pro, Brie knows exactly how to let her haters’ negativity slide right off her back! Click here to see adorable pics of some of the cutest celeb babies in Hollywood.

“I definitely get mommy shamed a lot,” Brie shared with us. “It’s funny, I never knew becoming a mom that everyone has a strong opinion, and its like, ‘Whoa, wait a sec!’ I was never that person. You know, you be you!” The reality star added that she’s particularly “nervous” for all the mama-shamers out there to see an upcoming episode of Total Divas that shows her partying in Cabo as a new mom. “It is definitely like mommy gone wild and I know already…” she said. To that, Nikki jokingly chimed in, “You deserve it!”

Brie doesn’t seem to see it that way though, in fact, she’s an advocate for moms continuing to have their own lives even after giving birth. “All the haters are going to be like, ‘Don’t you have a kid at home?’ It’s like moms are supposed to lose their identity and not do anything, and become Mother Theresa,” Brie explained. “I am a mom, but I can still have fun! I am Brie Bella!” Nikki couldn’t have agreed more, adding, “Life isn’t over!”

The best part about Brie’s attitude towards mom shamers is that she doesn’t let any of the criticism affect her — including her and Daniel’s plans to expand their family. “Oh I do,” the WWE fighter gushed when asked if she does in fact want more kids. “I told [Daniel] after my come back I want to try for baby number two. He literally wants to try once Birdie is nine months and I was like, ‘Absolutely not!’” However, Brie added that she and her hubby will have another little one “sooner” rather than later, but first, she has her eyes set on making an epic return to the ring. “Let me make my comeback and enjoy a little time, and then yes, baby number two for sure,” she dished.

But while she’s looking forward to her comeback, training again hasn’t been easy since giving birth six months ago. “I got back in the ring, which you will see in Total Divas, and I didn’t know my journey was going to be a lot longer than I thought,” she said. “I also did an emergency C-Section, so I did have to worry about that, but I am already back in the gym and working out really hard.” Don’t be fooled, Brie will be more than ready to kick some major butt once she’s ready to compete again. “I think being in my position, as long as I have become a mom and now coming back, I feel very empowered and I feel like it will be my biggest moment.” We can’t wait to watch it all go down!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you shocked Brie’s been mom shamed? Are you excited to hear she and Daniel want more kids?

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