Broke Ass Boris Becker

Busted With Fake Diplomatic Passport

… Officials Say

6/20/2018 1:43 PM PDT

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Boris Becker — the broke ass former tennis star — claims to have a diplomatic passport from the Central African Republic that gives him immunity in his bankruptcy case in the UK.

There’s just one problem — IT’S FAKE … at least, according to the C.A.R. 

Becker has been flaunting the document … insisting it’s essentially a magic document that protects him from having to pay back the “historic debt” he racked up in Britain. 

As we previously reported, a UK court declared Becker bankrupt in 2017 — and his reps begged the court for mercy claiming he’s simply not a “sophisticated individual.”

Which brings us to the fake passport … 

Officials say it’s not just the serial numbers that gave it away — it DOESN’T CARRY THE SIGNATURE OR STAMP OF THE FOREIGN MINISTER!!!!!

In fact, the serial numbers match up with a batch of passports that were stolen in 2014. 

Bottom line — Becker’s an idiot, he’s got a bogus passport and he’s still gonna have to pay for that whole bankruptcy thing. 

No cheat codes here. 

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