is reportedly livid over ‘ possible reunion with his ex-wife . According to OK! Magazine, the thought of Johansson being “ready to hop back on the friend-and-colleague track” with Reynolds upsets “” actress.

A source tells the publication that the mother of two “can be insecure” upon learning that her 40-year-old husband and his ex-wife might reunite on red carpet. “Blake can be insecure, and she’s extra-sensitive right now because she’s still losing her baby weight,” claims the source.

“The idea that Ryan and Scarlett might meet up at a party really upsets her,” the insider continues, adding, “Blake will hit the roof.”

However, has debunked the above claim. A rep for both Lively and Reynolds says the story published by OK! Magazine is “false,” adding that the 29-year-old actress is not livid over the idea of her husband meeting with Johansson.


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