“You cannot keep up with the number of crazy things he says,” said Maher during Van Jones’ latest ‘The Messy Truth’ town hall.

Real Time‘s Bill Maher is convinced that President Donald Trump is “crazy” and his travel ban is “un-American,” but he’s not necessarily ready to defend Hollywood’s recent takedowns of Trump during awards shows and other events.

In the latest iteration of Van Jones’ The Messy Truth, Maher discussed Trump’s “sanity” and Hollywood’s reaction to it as the two discussed the president’s first weeks in office.

Jones, calling Maher TV’s “biggest, baddest truth teller” and “one of the sharpest minds in American politics,” introduced the host, who joined him onstage to discuss the idea of Trump being a “gold mine” for comics.

“The problem is, how long can it go on?” explained Maher. “We’re only in the first month. I have a little fatigue about it.” He jokingly added that he believes President Barack Obama “should run again and tell us it’s his twin brother, Dave.”

Jones asked how Maher thought Trump was doing so far, relative to Maher’s expectations around election time, to which Maher replied, “It’s somehow exactly what we thought and also 10 times worse.”

“You cannot keep up with the number of crazy things he says,” added Maher. “It’s all about him throwing a fit about how his ‘daughter-wife’ Ivanka had her jewelry taken out of department stores. So when he’s supposed to be getting his intelligence briefing, he’s tweeting about this.”

All in all, said Maher, “It’s worse. I guess there was a glimmer of hope that when he walked into the Oval Office he’d be transformed, but I don’t know if anybody really thought that.”

When an audience member asked Maher why the media can’t “give him a break,” since the president’s only been in office for a few days, Maher replied directly: “Because of what he’s done! And said!”

“It’s beyond politics, it’s about sanity,” said Maher, defending the media’s coverage of Trump thus far. “Of course we’re worried when the president sees multitudes that don’t exist, as in the ‘illegal voting’ — that should bother you, sir. I’m not the crazy one, here.”

“The king is crazy and he thinks there’s an Easter bunny, so we’re all looking for eggs now,” he summed up.

However, even if he thinks Trump is bringing “crazy” into the White House, Maher doesn’t stand behind the recent Hollywood protests and awards show speeches against the president.

“It’s their right to do it,” Maher said of the speeches, but added, “I do think it hurts, probably, in the long run,” as fans often don’t relate to celebrities on a political level, in his opinion.

Watch a segment of the town hall below.

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