is reportedly planning to write a tell-all about his life amid his ongoing divorce battle against . According to a source close to the actor, he has big plans to share his personal journey.

Since his divorce from Angie, Brad has reportedly found solace in journaling and having chronicled nearly 300 pages of his life story. The “” actor is now considering publishing his diary.

“At the beginning it was just to get all of his thoughts out there in a very concise manner so that he could share it with his therapist,” the source tells , “But it started to become a lifeline for Brad as he pieced together his new life without Angie.”

The source adds, “[Brad] is extremely blunt and authentic in describing what led to the breakdown of his marriage to Angie.”

According to the source, Brad “believes that by releasing the book, he can help others with similar issues.” However, “Angie said she wasn’t interested in reading it and expressed concern about Brad releasing any sort of book because of the impact it could have on their kids.”


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